Eithan Davidov

Born and raised in New York Eithan, also known as EDAV, is the founder of DavBros. EDAV is constantly building up residencies at many popular nightclubs through his very versatile sets and extremely good crowd recognition. EDAV’s set can take you everywhere from Top 40 Hip-Hip, to 90’s Throwbacks, to House Music with seamless transitions. Your first night with EDAV certainly won’t be your last. 

David Davidov

Co-founder, photographer and backbone of DavBros, David is guy with the eye. David will do almost anything for that perfect shot. Through his unbeatable angles, he is able to capture the highlights of any event. In result of his creative vision, David’s photos are often used for promotional campaigns by nightclubs and hospitality groups throughout New York City. David’s lens leaves no memory behind.

Rod Binyaminov

Head of management and promotions, Rod makes sure your night is ran accordingly to your favor. Handling requests from table arrangements to birthday shoutouts, Rod makes it happen. Rod ensures everyone who parties with DavBros has an unforgettable night.